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There’s a fire at work – what should you do?

There’s a fire at work – what should you do?

According to a recent poll, 2 in 5 Brits wouldn’t know what to do if there was a fire at work. This shocking figure really highlights the fact that fire safety in the workplace is a crucial consideration for businesses. Knowing how to respond in the event of a fire can help protect lives and minimize damage. Here’s what you need to do if there’s a fire at work:

Stay Informed: Familiarise yourself with your workplace’s fire safety procedures and emergency evacuation plan. This information is typically provided during induction training and displayed prominently in the workplace. Take the time to review it and ask questions if anything is unclear.

Raise the Alarm: If you discover a fire at work, raise the alarm immediately by activating the nearest fire alarm call point. This will alert others in the building and trigger the evacuation process. UK fire alarm systems are designed to provide both audible and visual alerts to ensure everyone can evacuate safely.

Evacuate Safely: Leave the building via the nearest available exit, following the designated escape routes and assembly points. These routes are clearly marked with green and white “Fire Exit” signs. Avoid using lifts during a fire evacuation, as they may become unusable or trap you inside.

Assist Others: If you encounter anyone who needs assistance during the evacuation, such as individuals with disabilities or mobility issues, offer help if it is safe to do so. Escort them to the nearest exit and inform a designated fire warden or marshal of their location.

Call the Fire Service: Once you are safely outside, dial 999 to alert the fire service of the emergency. Provide them with accurate information about the location and nature of the fire at work, as well as any potential hazards or injuries.

Do Not Re-enter the Building: Under no circumstances should you re-enter the building until it has been declared safe to do so by the fire service or other competent authority. Even if you believe it is a false alarm, wait for confirmation before returning inside.

Follow Instructions: During a fire emergency, listen to instructions from designated fire wardens, marshals, or emergency responders. They are trained to manage the situation and will provide guidance on what to do next.

By staying informed, following established procedures, and assisting others as needed, you can help ensure the safety of yourself and your colleagues in the event of a fire at work. Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility, so take it seriously and be prepared to act quickly and calmly if an emergency arises.

At Ardent Safety we’re committed to ensuring companies stay fire safe  – contact us to find out about our fire safety consultancy services. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more workplace safety tips and advice.

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